Leenie Kardos

Crossfit Competitor
New Canaan, Connecticut

leenie kardos portrait inlineI’m Leenie K.  And whether I’m exercising, social working, or being a Mom, a holistic view of health and wellness drives me.  Good health is so much more than how we eat and work out. It’s how we feel, act and live!  It took me some time to understand the balance of all of these things, plus commitment over time, is the key to long-lasting happiness. Fitness has always been a big part of my life.  I grew up a competitive swimmer and dabbled in marathons and triathlons in my twenties and early thirties.  After repeated injuries attempting to become an ultra-marathon runner, I found CrossFit seven years ago and never looked back.  While CrossFit provides the competitive component I need in my fitness regimen, I never imagined it would offer me such empowerment as a woman who just turned forty!  The biggest lesson I have learned is the only limitations that face us are the ones we place on ourselves.  The opportunity, accordingly, to build a voice as a strong, female role model in the fitness community has only fueled my passion for movement and well-being.

leenie-kardos working outMy journey as a mother of a child with a developmental disability placing them on the Autism Spectrum has influenced my views on health and wellness, the lifestyle choices I have made, and my decision to pursue Social Work and Population Health as a career.  Having endured periods of severe emotional duress, it was a fitness, diet and supplement regimen that managed my emotional health needs and offered me appropriate coping skills.  I look forward to everything that comes next in my pursuit of health and happiness!

leenie kardos lifting weights



Daily Regimen

Every morning in my coffee
In my morning coffee
Every night
Every morning
In the morning and before workouts on an empty stomach