Katie Johnson

Professional Soccer Player, Chicago Red Stars
Chicago, Illinois

katie johnson smilingHello, my name is Katie Johnson. I grew up in Monrovia, California in a Mexican-American household. While I grew up playing other sports, soccer is in my blood and I had big dreams and goals that I wanted to achieve in this sport. With my parents support and a lot of hourly car rides to practices and games, they helped me achieve my first goal. I received a full scholarship to the University of Southern California.

I played five years at USC because I tore my ACL for the second time my junior year. But with setbacks also comes great opportunity. My fifth year, my team won the national championship and I led the team in goals in the tournament and was named MVP. I am most proud of receiving an award that other student athletes at USC voted for which was Comeback Athlete of the Year. I was recognized as a relentless fighter by other hard-working athletes which I will always be proud of.

After college, I started playing professionally in the NWSL and will be playing my fourth year for Chicago Red Stars. The older I get, the more I have learned about the importance of recovery and fueling my body so that I can perform at an even higher platform against and with the best soccer players in the world. NOW® makes it easily accessible for me to fuel my body properly so that I can focus on performing at my highest ability.

I am also blessed that I can represent my Mexican heritage by playing for the Mexican National team. I felt that I was able to dive deeper into my culture by representing Mexico and it often put me in uncomfortable and new situations that helped me grow and learn more about myself then I could ever imagine.

katie johnson soccer


katie johnson portrait2016 NCAA Champion
2016 16th Round Draft Pick
2016 CONCACAF Qualifying Team
2018 Gold Medal for Central American Games