Brandon McBride

Professional/Olympic Track & Field Athlete, 800-Meter Relay
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

brandon mcbride running ambassadorHello, my name is Brandon McBride. Growing up in Windsor, I always felt that I was different from the other kids around me, because I was a dreamer. I started my journey in athletics playing basketball. Basketball to me was always an attractive option but I knew deep down inside it wouldn’t work out in long run. Track, on the other hand, was intriguing for me. I loved running before I even knew that there was this thing called competition. When I was younger, all my friends lived 1-2 miles away. As an 11 year- old, I have vivid memories of running to see my friends, and then running back home so I wouldn’t break my curfew. Running became like second nature to me.

I have always been the type of person that believed with hard work, dedication, and smart decisions, anything was possible. By the time I finish my running career, I have a goal to have as many kids from my hometown as possible believe that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to do. I want them to think that if Brandon McBride can do it, so can they.

Remember I said I was a dreamer? As a child, I also had dreams and aspirations of becoming a D-1 athlete. I was fortunate to realize those dreams as a two-time NCAA champion at Mississippi State University. After that, I turned professional with Adidas.

I use NOW® products every day. They have such a wide selection of supplements that help support me in every aspect of my training and my active lifestyle.

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brandon mcbride roof ambassador2018 NACAC (North American, Central American and Caribbean) Champion, Canadian Record Holder
2017 Canadian Champion, World Championship finalist 8th
2016 All- American, Canadian Champion, Olympian (Semi-Finalist 16th)
2014 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor Champion, Canadian Champion
2013 Pan-American Jr. Champion, Canada Summer Games Champion and Record Holder
2012 World Junior Championship finalist 6th place (Canadian Junior Record)

Daily Regimen

post workout
post workout
two times per day
before bed