Healthy Nutella Recipe

nutella in a jar on a table in front of NOW monk fruit 1 to 1 package
16 ounces
can chickpeas (drain water)
½ cup
coconut milk
¼ cup
1 teaspoon
vanilla extract
1 pinch

Get out your food processer and get ready to make your very own hazelnut spread! It’s super easy with just seven ingredients and much healthier than your typical store bought brand. Chickpeas are the star of the show; however, swapping out the sugar for monk fruit is what really makes this recipe extra special and extra better for you. Recipe used with permission from our friend Mario Fabbri.

It’s just one step, blend all the ingredients in a food processor. Blend it a little extra so that it’s very smooth.

Goes great on toast, dipped with apples, or in all your wildest dessert recipes!