Essential Oil Safety FAQs

Essential Oil Safety

Are Essential Oils only for aromatherapy?

NOW® Solutions Essential Oils (EOs) are highly concentrated and should be handled with care. EOs are intended for aromatherapy use. Be sure to consult a trained professional or other reputable resource for recommended dilutions before using EOs for any purpose other than aromatherapy. Infants, children, and pets may be highly sensitive to EOs, even when used as directed in a diffuser. Always diffuse essential oils in well-ventilated areas, especially in the presence of children, pregnant/nursing women, pets, or individuals with respiratory or other medical conditions.

Can Essential Oils be used topically?

Some EOs can be highly irritating to the skin and direct skin contact with EOs should be avoided. Do not use any undiluted EO directly on the skin - especially the skin of infants, children or pets - unless directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Label cautions and usage

Each of our EOs has been reviewed for safety, and specific instructions for their use can be found on the label and our website. Please follow our label cautions, which are there for your safety and are based on authoritative sources. Our essential oil recipes have been crafted and evaluated by professionals; deviation from these recipes is not recommended.

Although our EOs are pure and produced without chemical additives, due to strict regulatory requirements, pure EOs sold for aromatherapy cannot be labeled as food grade or bear instructions for topical or internal use.