Back To School Naturally: Top 5 DIY Tips

  • Melissa Maker Back To School Tips

    That means the impending shift in seasons and action-packed schedules. We’ve partnered with Melissa Maker (Instagram: @melissamaker), natural cleaning expert and best-selling author of Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster and Loving Your Home Every Day (Avery), to share her top five DIY tips using natural products. Scroll through to find 5 tips for a cleaner, more efficient home and daily routine.

    Melissa says:

    “I actually love the shift in seasons because it’s the best time to declutter, get organized, and focus on ways to get the most out of the day – in this case, when there’s more to do and less daylight to do it in. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” says Maker. “Making smarter choices, like using high quality, affordable natural products from NOW, can have a big impact on how successful you’ll feel when it comes to taking care of your home, yourself and your family.”

  • Clean and properly store summer shoes.

    Clean the shoes and sandals you plan to keep for the coming spring/summer season before storing them for the fall and winter. You can easily do this by using a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove dirt and stains. Be sure to test this method in a small area before doing the full shoe – just to be sure nothing gets ruined!

    This works well for manmade leather, leather, rubber, and foam. Use a cloth dipped in water to remove toothpaste, allow to dry entirely, and then store in breathable shoe boxes for the cooler months.

  • Keeps hands clean with a DIY foaming hand wash.

    Keeping hands clean, especially when headed back to school, is the ideal way to minimize the risk of illness. This fantastic DIY foaming hand soap recipe is a favorite among moms and kids, and uses ingredients that are affordable and easy to find.

    Simply add 1 ½ cups of distilled water to an empty foaming hand soap pump, 2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap, ½ teaspoon of a nourishing oil like NOW® Solutions Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil or Liquid Coconut Oil, and add up to 20 drops of your favorite essential oils (or a mix of them).* Lavender, tea tree oil, peppermint, or a citrus blend work great for the recipe.

    The oil serves two functions. First, it keeps the pump lubricated and second, it moisturizes your hands while washing. For the fall, make vanilla cinnamon scented soap, using equal drops of vanilla and cinnamon essential oils.*

    And fun tip – if making this for a kid’s bathroom, throw a few sparkles in it!

    *Caution: NOW® Solutions Essential Oils are very concentrated and can be irritating to the skin. Avoid direct contact with sking and always dilute essential oils before topical use.

  • Wash backpacks and lunch bags.

    When going back to school, these school tools come out of hibernation and are ready for action. If they’ve sat all summer long, they’ll need a spruce up.

    Make sure bags are emptied and that care labels are checked – if items are not machine washable, follow care instructions and remove stains by hand. Otherwise, zip up zippers and clip up clips, place the bag(s) in the wash and if you’re concerned about a decal or décor item, flip the bag inside out or place in a delicates bag before laundering. Wash on a gentle cycle with regular detergent and hang to dry.

    To deodorize bags, let them sit out in the summer sun for a few days – the sun will zap lingering odors, nice!

  • Moisturize dry skin.

    As the summer fades away, skin can become drier, so whip up a simple, non-greasy moisturizer that’s easily portable (and can even be spritzed on your face when you’re feeling extra dry).

    Get a sprayer bottle and mix up a solution of ¼ cup rose water, 1 ½ teaspoons vegetable glycerin, 1 teaspoon of a nourishing oil, such as NOW® Solutions Liquid Coconut Oil, and about 10 drops of your favorite essential oil (or a blend).*

    This is calming and moisturizing for the skin and smells heavenly. With rose water, try scents like geranium or sandalwood, but just about any fragrance will work. If doubling up on the recipe, keep the essential oils to no more than 15 or so drops. And for an alternative to rose water, filtered water works just as well.

    *Caution: NOW® Solutions Essential Oils are very concentrated and can be irritating to the skin. Avoid direct contact with sking and always dilute essential oils before topical use.

  • Purify the air.

    Since cooler fall temperatures offer less opportunity to keep windows open, the drier air inside the home can start to feel stuffy. Diffusing essential oils is a simple way to help purify the air. Some favorite purifying blends are Nature’s Shield and Clear the Air. Another favorite option is Mental Focus, which is a focusing blend perfect for providing a centering atmosphere to help check schoolwork and chores off the nightly to-do list.