Sweetener Comparison Chart

Our handy sweetness chart makes it easy to compare the sweetness levels of various NOW sweeteners compared to table sugar, as well as their glycemic impact. In this table you’ll find two different glycemic measurements – glycemic index and glycemic impact.

Glycemic index measures how different types of carbohydrate-containing foods raise blood glucose levels within two hours of ingestion. Low glycemic index is considered to be less than 55, medium falls between 56 and 69, and a high glycemic index is a rating of 70 or more.

Glycemic impact is a more consumer-friendly method of rating foods based on their effect on blood glucose levels, using low, medium and high to rate the overall glycemic impact of various foods.

Sweetener  Sweetness Compared To Table Sugar Glycemic Index Glycemic Impact* Keto Friendly
Agave Nectar 1½ times sweeter 10-19 Low  
Coconut Sugar Same 35-42 Low  
Date Sugar Same 103 High  
Dextrose Sugar ¾ the sweetness 100 High  
Erythritol 60-70% the sweetness 0 Low
Fructose More than 1½ times sweeter 19 Low  
Honey Approximately the same 50-80 Medium to High  
Lactose Less than ¼ the sweetness 46 Low  
Maple Syrup ½ the sweetness 54 Low  
Monk Fruit 150 to 200 times sweeter 0 Low
Stevia Up to 300 times sweeter 0 Low
Sucanat® Same 65 Medium  
Turbinado Sugar Same 65 Medium  
Xylitol Same 7 Low
*Low Glycemin Index is considered to be <55, Medium is 56-69 and High is 70 and greater.