Organic Fanatic Holiday Gift Giving Guide

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    A NOW Gift-Giving Guide

    Click through for suggestions on what to buy the Organic Fanatic in your life for the holiday season.

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    Triple Omega Seed Mix

    This palate-pleasing trifecta of organic hemp, chia, and flax seeds may be small in size, but the nutritional value is anything but! Our favorite way to eat them is to sprinkle on a lackluster salad to give it a punch. Buy some Triple Omega Seed Mix for your lunch buddy that’s been looking for ways to up their nutrition.

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    Let It Be Organically Essential Oil Kit

    This organic essential oil kit includes some of our best-selling organic oils and is a splendid introduction to aromatherapy. Your favorite nature lover will love these certified organic scents! Pair it with an ultrasonic diffuser for the ultimate aromatherapy gift!

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    Organic MCT Oil

    Our sustainably sourced Organic MCT Oil is a best seller and sure to be high on the want list of anyone looking to live a thermogenic and keto lifestyle.* Gift it to your friend who is always making smoothies or bulletproof coffee.

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    Organic Spirulina Powder

    Know someone who is always bragging about their green lifestyle? Surprise them with this green superfood powder! They can mix Organic Spirulina Powder into their morning green juice or smoothie for a dose of naturally occurring chlorophyll, gamma-linolenic acid, trace elements, amino acids, and enzymes.

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    Organic Erythritol

    When you substitute Erythritol for sugar, you get a refreshing natural sweetener with a low glycemic impact that won't contribute to tooth decay. It’s the perfect swap for sugar in holiday baking!

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    Organic Argan Oil

    For that manicure-lover in your life, grab them some Organic Argan Oil. It adds shine to hair and provides moisture for skin, hair, and even nail cuticles.

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    Organic Acacia Fiber

    Maintaining good gut health during the holidays can really be a challenge. Up your family’s fiber intake with our Organic Acacia Fiber, which can be mixed into juice or smoothies.