More About Vegetable Glycerine

When it comes to natural, deeply penetrating moisture for your skin, it doesn’t get much better than vegetable glycerin.

Also called glycerol and glycerin, pure vegetable glycerine is a water-soluble sugar alcohol that comes from a variety of plant oils, including soy, palm, coconut and corn. And it’s amazing for your skin…

  • It’s a humectant – Humectant is just a fancy, scientific term for a substance that keeps things moist. Humectants have hygroscopic properties, which is another technical term for a substance that attracts and retains water.
  • It’s gentle and hypoallergenic – Vegetable glycerine is a component of glycerin soap, a life-saver for individuals with very sensitive skin. It keeps skin moist by attracting water both from within the body and the surrounding air, and then helps retain it.
  • It can enhance absorption of other cosmetic ingredients – Because of its hygroscopic properties vegetable glycerin can enhance the absorption of other ingredients…
  • Which makes it a great massage oil – As a massage oil vegetable glycerin is ideal. Its water soluble so it washes off easily, and it can support the therapeutic properties of other moisturizers and essential oils.
  • One of the best skin softeners you’ll find – The lubricating and emollient properties of vegetable glycerine can help soothe and moisturize even the most problematic skin.

NOW® Solutions Pure Vegetable Glycerine is food-grade and is available in three different sizes. With NOW’s dedication to quality and purity, this is one outstanding emollient that belongs in every home.


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