More About Dark Spot Serum

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12 weeks to a more even skin tone

NOW® Solutions Dark Spot Serum is a cutting-edge formulation that helps even out skin tone and restore skin’s youthful glow with clinically tested ALPAFLOR® GIGAWHITE. This unique combination of seven alpine plant extracts (also found in our 2-in-1 Correcting Eye Cream) has been shown in studies to significantly reduce the appearance of age spot color intensity and even out skin tone over a 12-week period.

Dark Spot Serum also utilizes licorice extract, a powerful natural skin brightener. We’ve also included vitamin C and a multi-fruit extract to aid in brightening and evening skin tone, as well as an abundance of additional nutrients to make Dark Spot Serum a truly effective, natural, skin-brightening product.


Dark spots and aging

Also referred to as liver spots, brown spots, sun spots and lentigines, age spots are typically the result of too much sun exposure. Many people believe that dark spots are a direct result of the aging process, but this isn’t entirely true. They really don’t have much to do with the aging process, other than the fact that the older we get the more sun damage we’ve endured, the more evident the signs of aging are, and the more melanin our bodies produce.

Melanin is the natural pigment our skin produces in response to sun exposure. Over time, harmful UV rays from sun exposure damage our skin, causing it to produce greater amounts of melanin.  A “tan” is actually increased levels of melanin produced by your skin in order to protect deeper layers of skin from further UV damage.

Your friend’s tan may look healthy, but it’s actually evidence of the harm done to the skin. Years of frequent or lasting sun exposure cause the body to produce more melanin than needed, and as it’s produced it sometimes clumps together just under the skin (usually where the most damage has been done), producing those undesirable age spots.


Solutions for dark spots

People spend a lot of money trying to get rid of age spots. Available treatments include laser removal, bleaching, and other undesirable (and often ineffective) treatments that can actually do just as much harm as good. NOW Solutions Dark Spot Serum is a natural and affordable alternative to these questionable treatments, and is free of parabens and gluten.

In addition to using Dark Spot Serum, make sure you’re taking the proper precautions to reduce pigment darkening and reoccurrence, such as using sunscreen regularly and wearing appropriate clothing when outdoors to protect yourself from further damage.