The Importance of Probiotics in Women’s Health Infographic

May 1, 2017

NOW has teamed up with Yoga Journal to create a probiotic infographic especially for women. Learn more about the many different body functions that probiotics support and how they work with a woman’s body to support overall health and wellness.*

Infographic created in partnership with Yoga Journal Magazine.

light green infographic with medium green rectangle at top with a pink banner at the top of page with word probiotics in it


Your Go-To for Gut Health*

Normal immune system function is highly dependent on the health of the 
intestinal tract.* The trillions of microorganisms that live from your stomach  to colon play a critical role in how the immune system responds to  everything that gains entry into the GI tract, including food and other  microorganisms.* Understanding this ecosystem and creating a healthy  balance of the right bacteria helps to set you up for overall health and  wellness.*

two blue circles breaking the word probiotic down in meaning and origin


Promotion Of (Greek)


Life (Greek)

pink silhouette of a female-presenting figure showing a circle in the intestinal area which is magnified, illustrated in a circle outside the silhouette with an arrow toward fourteen microbes further magnified, all representing bacteria and yeast


  • Number of probiotic bacteria and yeast in a healthy person.
  • 10x more than the cells in the body!

illustration of ten bacteria shaped like a spotted slightly curved tube with rounded corners and hairlike projections off each side

BIOLOGY 101 - What is Good Bacteria?

Probiotics are nothing more than good bacteria in your body. Your body's health depends very much on the bacteria that live inside it.*

illustration of partial human figure showing a head shoulders partial arms and torso with line drawings of organs including the intestinal tract


Proportion of the body's immune cells that reside in the intestine.

illustration of three female-presenting outlined figures wearing yoga attire and stretching if different positions


Probiotics can affect the duration of fatigue after exercise.* Practice on!

illustration of an outlined drawing of a bottle on it's side and capsules laying outside the bottle coming from the top of the bottle


Probiotics naturally help to maintain the right types and numbers of microorganisms present in the gut.*

illustration of two front facing female-presenting faces both with frowns with the one on the right showing three letter z's to represent tiredness and a hamburger in between the faces


An imbalance in gut flora can be caused by: poor food choices, typical
emotional stress, lack of sleep and environmental and genetic factors.

illustration of a bowl with circles letter y shapes and a square inside


Probiotics have been used to promote optimal health for thousands of years in the form of miso, kefir, lassi, kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut.*

illustration of a colorful half circle on the right side with spokes of color for each pie sliver shape from center to outer circle with numerical ordered numbers zero to fourteen in white in each elongated triangle edge of each colored section

pH Balance

  • Healthy pH in the human body is slightly alkaline between 7.3-7.45. Probiotics can help to maintain normal pH levels!*
  • Maintaining a healthy pH contributes to optimal bone mineral density, as well as to other health benefits.*

illustration of a female-presenting light-skin person in yoga clothing doing a tree pose and circles on each body part referenced with a line to the word naming the area and information written for it's significance


Probiotics can impact brain and nervous system development.*


Bacterial residents of the stomach help to maintain normal gut flora balance and support healthy gastric function.*


Probiotics enhance nutrient and essential fatty acid (EFA) absorption, fiber
digestion, can promote lactose digestion, maintain the integrity of intestinal lining and support the body's normal detoxification processes.* Try NOW's
Probiotic-IO™ 25 Billion.


Far from useless, the appendix incubates probiotics, acting as a reservoir for good bacteria during times of disruption. *


Probiotics can help to alleviate occasional diarrhea, constipation, and flatulence. *


Probiotics maintain healthy microbial balance. * Try NOW's Cranberry Mannose + Probiotics to help cleanse the urinary tract. *


Good probiotic balance helps to promote vaginal health, as well as maintain healthy pH balance.* Try Women's Probiotic 20 Billion from NOW!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.