The Importance of Digestive Health for Kids

Is maintaining your children’s optimal health a challenge for you? Do they have good attendance and are they motivated in school? Do you struggle with picky eaters? Many children do not receive enough friendly, helpful probiotic bacteria from the foods they eat. This can have a negative impact on their behavior, immune system function, and overall academic performance.

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Green rectangular background with simple illustration of a male-presenting light-skinned child standing behind an x-ray that shows the digestive system. Brainwaves in white go from the child's head to an illustration in the upper right corner of the page showing a cross section of a brain with a view from the top of the head showing the face from an upper angle.


FROM NOW logo with the words Live Happy. Live Heathy. Live NOW. below it

six gray squares from left to right with simple graphics in each as described below

illustration of a circle with spikes inside another circle with spikes and a circle around it and a blue dot with light green covering about thirty percent and of the line forming the circle and darker green covering about seventy percent of the line forming the circle

  • 70% of our immune system resides in the gut.

illustration of six children's faces in purple with green face masks covering their nose and mouth

  • Most children develop at least six to eight colds a year.

illustration of a school building in green and a purple silhouette of a child with a backpack

  • The majority of school-aged children miss up to five days of school per year due to illness.

illustration of two green silhouettes of female-presenting children each holding a purple open book with a purple sign posted in the ground between the children and the word absent written on it

  • Repeated absenteeism can negatively affect academic performance.

illustration of two silhouettes: a green male-presenting child with hands and head touching the ground and feet in the air and a purple female-presenting child walking and  solid green arrow pointing downward

  • Healthier kids have fewer behavioral problems.

illustration of a silhouette of a child's side profile head and shoulders with a circle each on the ear area throat area and nose

  • Research has shown that certain strains of probiotics support ear, nose, and throat health.

two gray rectangles one on the left and one on the right

left illustration is a green silhouette of a female-presenting child with digestive organs in purple and light green with a call out stemming from the digestive area with four different shaped microorganisms in green inside the call out

  • They're alive! Probiotics are live microorganisms.

right illustration is a silhouette of a loaf of bread in purple and green, a carton of yogurt in purple and green with a spoon in it and a white triangle of cheese with holes in it

  • Foods that may contain friendly probiotic bacteria: yogurt, soft cheeses, and sourdough bread.

green rectangle background with white silhouette of a male-presenting child showing the digestive system in green and purple

What if your kids aren't getting all the probiotics they need from what they eat?


  • Support a healthy balance of intestinal flora*
  • Enhance nutrient absorption*
  • Promote healthy immune system function*
  • Assist in ridding the body of waste*

white background with silhouette of a female-presenting child in green with purple hair and a purple dress a photograph of NOW brand OralBiotic in the lower right hand corner

Which supplement is right for your child?

To support oral wellness* - OralBiotic

  • Clinically shown to support maintenance of mouth, ear, nose & throat health in children*
  • Helps maintain the natural defense system Of the body's main entry point—the mouth*'
  • Gluten-free lozenges
  • Dissolvable

White background with a solid line across the top and the bottom inferring a square with a photograph of NOW brand BerryDophilus chewables in the upper left.

To support gastrointestinal health and a healthy immune system* - BerryDophilus

green circle with ten purple bottles in two rows of five

  • With 2 billion Colony Forming Units from a combination of 10 probiotic bacterial strains

green circle with purple silhouette of a female-presenting person with a butterfly on her fingertips

  • Helps to create a favorable environment for absorption of nutrients*

green circle with the letter V and a leaf at the right tip of the V

  • Vegetarian/vegan, made without Gluten

green circle with a purple silhouette of a tooth with a star on the upper right of the tooth

  • Sweetened with Xylitol - won't harm teeth

green circle with a white triangle outlined in purple with a capital K in the center of the triangle

  • Certified Kosher

White background with a photograph of NOW brand ChewyZymes in the lower left. White background with purple silhouette of a male-presenting child showing the digestive system in green and white.

To support complete digestion of meals* - ChewyZymes™

purple circle with a silhouette of a green stomach with white and purple inside representing food

  • Enzymes that promote the body's absorption and full use of food*

purple circle with a silhouette of a green stomach with white liquid inside

  • Shown to remain active, even in the acid environment of the stomach

purple circle with a letter V and a leaf at the right tip of the V

  • Vegetarian/vegan, made without Gluten

purple circle with a rounded square in the middle and the Non-GMO logo inside

  • Non-GMO

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