Guide to Probiotics

Guide to Probiotics

Did you know that you have trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria and yeast, living in and on your body at any given time? In fact, microorganisms outnumber the cells in your body by about 10 to 1. But don’t run out to your doctor for an antibiotic! The majority of these microorganisms are actually beneficial, and live both inside and outside of your body. Outside, the majority of these microorganisms are found on our skin. Inside, the bulk of beneficial microorganisms is found in your intestinal tract, and these organisms, called probiotics, are important for your overall health and well-being.

Other topics covered in this guide include:

  • What are Probiotics?
  • How Do We Get Them?
  • Who Needs Probiotics?
  • What Do Probiotics Do?
  • What Are Prebiotics?
  • Superior Strains
  • The Latest Research

NOW® has your probiotic supplement needs covered. Our Science team stays abreast of the latest advances in probiotic research, and we incorporate the latest findings into our formulations to ensure you’re getting a modern formula that’s guaranteed to be potent and effective through the “Best By” date.

In addition, NOW utilizes some of the most advanced instrumentation available today for the analysis of probiotics. Our RiboPrinter® is an automated molecular analysis instrument that allows NOW technicians to guarantee the identity, potency, and purity of the bacterial strains used in NOW probiotic products.

We offer probiotic supplements in a variety of forms for your convenience, including capsules, vegetable capsules, chewable lozenges, powders, and packets. We also offer several different potencies ranging from 1 billion organisms up to 100 billion organisms.

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Guide to Probiotics