Guide to Mineral Nutrients

Guide to Mineral Nutrients

Mineral nutrients (also called dietary elements and dietary minerals) are inorganic substances that are essential for life. While they’re often referred to as minerals, mineral nutrients are correctly classified as elements. All living cells and organisms require these elements in addition to the four basic elements oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon.

Mineral nutrients are naturally present on Earth, and many are found in soil and water. Plants and other vegetation obtain them primarily from soil. Animals, including humans, obtain them through the ingestion of plants and other animals. The mineral content of soil and water varies significantly depending on region; and modern food processing methods can rob our foods of minerals and vitamins. Supplementation can be a convenient alternative for ensuring adequate intake of these essential nutrients.

Mineral nutrients are required for our skeletal structure, including teeth. They’re essential components of bodily tissues and fluids and are required for the normal function of all bodily enzyme systems. Almost every function of our bodies is in some way dependent on mineral nutrients.

Other topics in our Mineral Nutrients guide include:

  • Form Makes a Difference
  • Main Minerals
  • Minor (Trace) Minerals
  • Other Mineral Sources

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Guide to Mineral Nutrients