Tasha Edwards

Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Holistic Health Coach
Madison, AL

tasha edwards sitting on stepsI’m a Chicago native, living in Alabama. I am a personal trainer, holistic health coach, blogger and fitness instructor with degrees in Sociology and Counseling. I got into health and fitness after having to lose over 80 pounds twice on my own, battling depression, eating disorders and a divorce/remarriage. I started doing sales at a local gym eleven years ago and eventually begin to teach and get certifications in over 20 different classes/disciplines and became a personal trainer. I currently teach yoga, pilates, Zumba and Piloxing. I have been able to travel, teach, speak and share my message of physical/mental health/wellness in several places around the country. I am married, have two children and looking forward to keeping my health a top priority and be an example for my family and community.

Why am I a NOW Foods Ambassador?

Tasha EdwardsNOW Foods is a company that aligns with my heart. I find it so majorly important that part of NOW Foods driving factors is to make health and wellness accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. Coming from an impoverished neighborhood, having a love for community and seeing as how health almost feels like a “luxury,” I am so proud to be affiliated with a company who gets it and wants to deliver quality at affordable prices.

I also find NOW Foods products to be unmatched. I not only use the supplements but I use the food products and the personal care products and recommend them to my clients and students. I have found a change in my energy and overall health by using the products regularly. Because I follow a plant-based diet and have that carry over into the supplements I use, I also appreciate that they have vegetarian/vegan versions of the supplements that I use and have so many rock star plant based products in general. I have just turned 40 and set some new goals and I KNOW NOW Foods products are going to help me get there!