Michelle Lenhardt

Fitness Competitor; Former Olympic Freestyle Swimmer

Auburn, Alabama (Brazil originally)

michelle_lengardt_pose.My name is Michelle Lenhardt, a Brazilian living in the US for four years now. I’m a former professional swimmer, Olympian at the 2008 Beijing Games and Pan American Medalist. I retired from the swimming pool in 2013 due to a lumbar spine injury that took me to the operating room twice in two years.

After my “retirement” I dedicated myself to a healthier lifestyle, always searching for ways to make the most of my body and mind with clean nutrition and fitness. That’s when I found out about the fitness competition world, and in 2014 I began competing worldwide.

In 2015, I became a WBFF amateur Champion, and in 2016, a 35+ World Champion.

Incorporating natural and high-quality supplements into my routine has been a big part of my success, and I can count on NOW to help support my goals.


michelle_lenhardt in poolWBFF Amateur Champion – 2015

35+ WBFF World Champion – 2016

Pan American 2011 Silver Medalist, 4×100-meter freestyle relay