Madeline Dolente

Spartan Ambassador, Creator of
Arlington, Virginia

madeline dolente portraitWorking out and playing sports served as my outlet when my Mom was sick with cancer. I started teaching group exercise classes and personal training my first year in college. I loved it so much that I spent every year getting a new certification and now have 83 in total. I had the opportunity to create new programs and bring these programs to gyms around the world. I was the group exercise director at the top weight loss camp and started directing aerobics programs and teaching certifications.

I also love to run and completed 22 marathons to-date, with my last one being in Barcelona. I did my first obstacle course race and fell in love. Since then have competed in 50 Spartan races.

madeline d jumping ropeI love to travel and spent a few weeks in Thailand learning about cleansing, which motivated me to learn as much as possible about nutrition and supplementation. Over the last few years I have focused on fueling myself to optimize my performance as an obstacle course racer and creating a strong and defined body as a fitness model.

I have competed in Crossfit, Half marathons, obstacle races, and had the pleasure of winning my age group in 5ks, Duathlons, trail races, and soccer tournaments. I continue to compete as an Elite racer in Spartan Races and Duathlons. I also teach Group Exercise, Personal Train, Coach on Lifestyle Goals, Teach Fitness Certifications and am a Motivational Coach.

Clean nutrition and supplementation has been critical for my training, recovery and improvement. I rely on NOW to keep me fueled while at home and on the road.


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