Supplement Safety

Like foods, drugs, and other commercial goods intended for human consumption, dietary supplements are regulated by the federal government. Since 1994 this regulatory framework has kept Americans safe and ensured that responsible manufacturers have safety and quality benchmarks to adhere to, leading to standardization and reproducibility in manufacturing.

In the event of an issue with a dietary supplement, there is a robust reporting system in place called Adverse Event Reporting (AER) that allows consumers, health care providers and others to quickly report a complaint, concern or problem related to dietary supplements to the FDA.

In addition, responsible manufacturers have the ability to initiate a voluntary recall if they feel there may be an issue with a product they produce after it’s been released into the marketplace.

Between NOW’s robust manufacturing and testing processes, and federal regulations for the manufacture of dietary supplements,  you can rest easy knowing that NOW® supplements are safe for their intended use when taken as directed.