Ursula Grobler

Professional Competitive Rower

Seattle, WA


Ursula Grobler - 2016 Rio Games Qualifier


Ursula Grobler is a 31-year-old resident of Seattle, Washington who came to the sport of rowing at a very late age. At 26 she started rowing to realize a life-long dream to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Her dream may become a reality next year. On September 5, 2015, Ursula placed third at the World Rowing Championships in Aiguebelette, France, earning her an automatic bid to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. What’s more, this was the first medal for women in South African rowing at a world championships. She’s making history!
Over the course of her athletic journey Ursula has developed a strong interest in food and nutrition and follows a paleo-diet that’s free of all grains, dairy and legumes. The NOW brand fits nicely into her paleo-diet because, as Ursula puts it, “all the ingredients are REAL!” In addition, she has to have the cleanest supplements available because she’s drug tested at every competition and failure means a lifelong ban from rowing.

Why I’m a NOW Ambassador

It’s crucial for me to be sure that the brand I use is clean and fits with my paleo lifestyle, and after a lot of looking I found NOW supplements to be the best. I’ve built a strong trust in NOW products, so I feel confident that whenever I submit my supplement list to the USADA (U.S.A. Drug Association), there are no illegal or unknown substances in my body. My career, in part, depends on it. The bottom line is NOW has helped me win because I pass all drug tests and I’m able to follow my strict paleo-diet without having to compromise on the quality and content of my supplements. With NOW I know I’m not getting any unnecessary added ingredients and I get all the nutritional benefits of the supplements I'm taking. I can recommend NOW to other fellow athletes with confidence, and have a keen passion to continue with sports nutrition training after my rowing endeavors. I have also been using the NOW University site to gain valuable nutritional and supplement knowledge.

With all that I have learned and experienced I feel I can be an inspiration, not just for female athletes, but for all athletes who may believe the myth that you have to be young to excel in sport and competitive athletics. I also feel that I can be an inspiration to so many of the young girls today who may be suffering in silence with an eating disorder due to poor self-image. I want to share my story and encourage a healthy lifestyle, and being a NOW Ambassador allows me the opportunity to reach more young women.

Featured Workout:

Morning – 20 kilometer row, varying intensity, with stretching prior and cool-down afterwards

Early Afternoon – gym workout, sometimes including a 10 kilometer run

Late Afternoon – another 20 kilometer rowing session, either outdoors or on an ergometer (rowing machine)