Mike Hedlesky

Powerlifting Competitor

Salisbury, Maryland

My name is Mike Hedlesky and I am a high level competitor in the sport of Powerlifting. Growing up, I played pretty much every team sport I had time for. I wanted to play football in high school but was very underweight. All of my middle school coaches told me that I really needed to start eating everything in sight and start lifting some weights in order to make sure I didn’t get killed on the field. So, in the summer of 1998, I began lifting weights. I also became a sponge for all things strength, conditioning, nutrition, and fitness-related. This love of training took me from a meager 160 lbs on my 6’2’’ frame to weighing 275-285 lbs while playing college football.

In 2005, my Junior year of college, a friend of mine mentioned that he was doing a powerlifting competition that weekend. I had no idea how easily accessible powerlifting competitions were and it sounded like something I would love. Since I missed the deadline for registering for the meet, I called the meet director and he added me to the roster over the phone. I went into the competition with zero actual training and ended up winning my division. I was absolutely hooked from that point on. All of my training then shifted towards getting as strong and as powerful as I possibly could.

Getting involved in powerlifting completely changed the course of my life. After finishing football and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, I went back to school to get a Master’s Degree in Applied Health Physiology with a concentration in Applied Strength and Conditioning. Since graduating, I have coached and designed training programs for hundreds of athletes and members of the general population. The spectrum of individuals that I have made personalized training programs for include junior Olympic Gold Medalists, dozens of NCAA All-Americans, countless strength sport athletes, 4 NCAA National Championship Teams, and 300+ people that fall within basically every special populations category imaginable.

When not training myself or others, I am constantly trying to learn more about the human body and its response to physical activity. I am completely obsessed and my life totally revolves around the pursuit of strength.



Team USA Member – 2010 to present

2015 Heaviest Deadlift (out of 1100+ competitors) at the USA Powerlifting Raw National Championships – 804lbs at 249lbs bodyweight

2014 Push Pull and Deadlift National Champion – 120kg Open Division

2013 Gold Medalist – Deadlift – 1st Annual International Powerlifting Federation Classic Powerlifting Championships in Suzdal, Russia – 120kg Open Division

Arnold Sports Festival invitee – 2010 to present