Megan Dovell

Team USA Skeleton

Duluth, Georgia


Megan Dovell, Team USA


megan-dovell portraitHi! my name is Megan Dovell. I was born in Framingham, Massachusetts. My family moved to Michigan and then to Georgia during my childhood. I claim Duluth, Georgia as my hometown. I grew up enjoying extreme sports and ice hockey, eventually getting to play NCAA DIII and DI hockey in Pennsylvania (2005-2007). Ultimately, I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a bachelor's degree in Communications, concentrating in media studies, along with a minor in Marketing.

While finishing my college degree in Georgia, I played recreational inline hockey and worked for the Atlanta Thrashers NHL hockey development team. Unsure if I could ever have a professional athletic career after college, in 2010 I took a job teaching English in South Korea. megan-dovell waiting turnOf course, I played club ice hockey there too. While in Korea, I discovered passions for travel, teaching, health and fitness, but in my heart, I knew I still wanted to be a professional athlete. So In 2011, I began to train for Team USA inline hockey and eventually made the team in 2012.  In 2012 I also competed in USA Powerlifting. Soon after, I was introduced to the sport of Skeleton. Finding an extreme sport with an Olympic opportunity was a dream come true for me. I decided to commit 100% of myself to Skeleton during the 2013-2014 season. It's been quite an adventure since pursuing this dream and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


megan-dovell sprinting2016-2017 North American Cup - 10th in Calgary #1 (11/16); 11th in Calgary #2 (11/16); 17th in Whistler #1 (11/16); 14th in Whistler #2 (11/16)

2015- 2016   North American Cup- 13th in Park City #5 (3/16): 7th in Park City #6 (3/16); 9th in Lake Placid #7 (3/16); 11th in Lake Placid #8 (3/16)

2015-2016 USA Western Regional Winner 1st place

2014-2015 USA Eastern Regional 3rd place

2013-2014 USA Eastern Regional 3rd Placid

2013-2014 North American Cup - (Bobsled Brakeman) BRONZE in Lake Placid (1/14); 13th in Park City #1 (3/16); 7th in Park City #2 (3/16)

2012- Team USA Women's Inline Hockey World Championships - Silver Medalist

2012- USA Powerlifting - State Winner (Georgia)