Lis Saunders

Decorated Competitive Powerlifter

Atlanta, Georgia

I’m Lis Saunders and I am a competitive powerlifter, personal trainer and blogger.

I am the Georgia state record holder in the squat for the 72kg open class, and I have held seven other Georgia state records. I love powerlifting because it challenges me to build strength physically and mentally. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after a tough training session, and I love the camaraderie of the strength community.

Over the past six and a half years I have helped thousands of people get stronger and fitter, as a gym owner, online personal trainer, powerlifting coach, CrossFit and FitWit instructor. I also work in event management, helping host fitness competitions around the country. My favorite part of coaching is when a client sets a new personal record by lifting more weight than they ever imagined was possible.

When I’m not training myself or clients, I really enjoy making people laugh. Along with my boyfriend Jeff, I co-host the comedy and lifestyle podcast, Adventures of Hulk & Viking. Every week we discuss training and nutrition, as well as funny anecdotes from our lives.

I discovered NOW in 2009. At the time I was coaching CrossFit and eating a strict paleo diet. I began taking NOW® Super Enzymes for digestion support.* Today I eat a mostly primal diet and track my macronutrient intake to ensure I am eating enough. I still take Super Enzymes daily to improve my gut health, along with NOW® Women’s Probiotic.*

My nutrition and supplementation routines are just as important as my training regime is, to help me get stronger and stay injury-free. I trust NOW products to help me be the best version of myself. What will you do today to become a better you?

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USA Powerlifting Club Coach, State Referee & Meet Director

Founder/Meet Director - USAPL Atlanta Women’s Open

USAPL Georgia State Record in Squat: 152.5kg at 72kg Open class

Best Competition Lifts: Squat- 152.5kg/336#, Bench Press- 67.5kg/149#, Deadlift- 160kg/352#

2015 USAPL Alabama State Championships - Gold Medal, 72kg Open class

2014 Arnold Sports Festival USAPL Raw Challenge - 4th place, 72kg Open class

2013 USAPL Georgia & Southern States - 1st place, 72kg Open class

2013 USAPL Raw Nationals - 8th place, 72kg Open class

Master of Education degree in Sports Management, University of Georgia

Bachelor of Journalism degree in Public Relations, University of Georgia