Ken Krebs

Cyclist & Triathlete

Chicago, IL

Ken KrebsHello, my name is Ken Krebs and I’m a 45-year-old cyclist and triathlete from the suburbs of Chicago. I’ve been participating in competitive sports for more than 15 years; I also enjoy motorcycle racing, snow-boarding, and a variety of other sports. Last year (2011) I finished 1st overall in the cycling portion of the Chicago Triathlon and Lake Geneva Triathlon, and in the top 4% for all disciplines (cycling, swimming, and running). I’m very proud of these achievements since I’ve only been competing in triathlons for 2 years.

While I’ve been an avid runner and cyclist for a while now, my desire to compete in triathlon events led me to incorporate swimming into my training regimen. I started swimming at age 42,having never been a swimmer prior to this. My first competitive triathlon was an Xterra event two years ago. This event was an open-water start, which means at the start of the race over 200 competitors are hitting the water at the same time and literally swimming on top of one another. This was pretty scary for a new swimmer, but I found it to be more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge. You just have to focus on your form and performance and try not to let the chaos throw you off. This worked for me, as I placed 8th out of 30 competitors in my age group.

NOW Foods has played an integral role in my early triathlon success. I’ve been using Whey Protein for a while now, and more recently ZMA, to help me recover from hard workouts. I’m interested in trying other products to see how they affect my performance throughout the 2012 season. Now that I’ve tasted success with the help of NOW products I want to push the envelope and see how much better I can get with hard training and some additional products.

Because I’ve started competing a little later in life, I feel I will be a great NOW Ambassador. I’m in a unique position of being able to recommend NOW products to more mature athletes who need that extra edge to compete with younger athletes. While being relevant to the younger athletes who are looking to gain from the knowledge of a more seasoned athlete.


2011 1st Overall in Cycling portion - Chicago Triathalon