Justine Munro

IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor

USA and Canada

My name is Justine Munro and I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.  I moved to Toronto in 1997 and now split my time between Canada and the United Sates. From a young age, keeping active and eating healthy have been an important aspect of my life.  I have always been active in sports, fitness, wellness, and nutrition, so being a leader in the fitness world just seems to be a perfect fit!

My professional bodybuilding career began when I started working with a personal trainer who introduced me to the world of weight training. I entered my first fitness competition in April 2009 when I placed first and won the coveted Audience Choice Award. Since then, I never looked back. I entered three more competitions, winning two and placing second in the third. I moved quickly on to compete in the O.P.A Provincial Qualifier, the O.P.A National Qualifier and the CBBF Nationals; I successfully placed 1st in the Bikini Division in all shows and won Overall Bikini, thus acquiring her IFBB PRO card.

I really burst into the fitness scene as an IFBB Professional and has made quite a name for myself as the only Canadian IFBB Pro to step on stage at the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia within my division.

Competing at such level has been quite an experience. I continuously sets goals to challenge myself and have never felt better about the values that I stand for. My career has been very rewarding and I am thankful to the people who provided me with positive feedback and inspired me along the way to push to the next level. I credit NOW® products to helping support my healthy lifestyle.


IFBB Circuit

2nd Place, Fort Lauderdale Cup 2010

3rd Place, Toronto Pro Show 2010

8th Place, Arnold Classic 2011

10th Place, Pittsburgh Pro 2011

6th Place, Toronto Pro 2011

2nd Place, Muscle Contest 2011

10th Place, Mr. Olympia 2011

2nd Place, Greater Gulf States

1st Place, Saint Louis Pro

8th Place, Mr. Olympia 2012

2nd Place, Houston Pro 2012

1st Place, EVL PRAGUE Pro

2nd Place, Orange County 2013

1st Place, Saint Louis 2013

8th Place, Mr. Olympia 2013

10th Place, Arnold Classic 2014

7th Place, Muscle Contest Patriots 2014

7th Place, Orange County 2014

2nd Place, Saint Louis Pro 2014

2nd Place Arnold Classic 2015

7th Place Mr. Olympia 2015

2nd Place Nordic Pro 2015

1st Place MuscleContest Patriots 2015

2nd Place Arnolds Sports Festival Ohio 2016

3rd Place Australia Arnold Classic 2016

Favorite Recipe(s)



Blend and enjoy!




Blend and cook to taste. My tip: I cut up bananas and roll into pancakes so they’re like crepes. I also drizzle Natural Peanut Butter on top. Enjoy!