Herbert Ray Gary III

Professional High Jumper

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Herbert Gary w/trophyHello! My name is Herbert Gary. I’m an upcoming athlete with a dream to become the 2020 Olympics USA Men’s High Jump Gold Medalist! I am a professional high jumper for a club in Fort Wayne, Indiana called 3RRC (Three Rivers Running Company).

The story behind me entering into the sport of Track and Field starts with a young kid who had a love for basketball. Growing up, I played basketball with all of the kids in my neighborhood and my ultimate goal was to touch that 10 foot rim above my head. So every time I played, I constantly attempted to touch the rim. This one particular day, I finally touched it! I was over the top excited! I was totally oblivious to the fact that the track coach was watching me at that very moment. He immediately pulled me aside and asked me two simple questions: “Do you know what High Jump is?” “Would you like to High Jump on the track team?” My answer to both questions was yes as my adrenaline was pumping! I could hear my heart beating through my ears like it was on the outside of my body. Right then, I fell in love with High Jump and now it is my life. I live and breathe to High Jump!

I was born in Fort Hood, Texas. However, I was raised in Winfall, North Carolina half of my life and the other half in Indianapolis, Indiana. While living in North Carolina, I attended the Perquimans County Schools and the Elizabeth City Pasquotank County Schools. In Indiana, I graduated from Ben Davis High School where my track coach taught me the ins and outs of the sport of high jump. After my last season of Track and Field there, I attended Indiana Institute of Technology in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’ve overcome some disadvantages and some challenges in my life. However, I’ve accomplished some tremendous feats in High Jump while obtaining my Bachelors in Marketing and Masters in Administration.

I believe proper health and nutrition is vital for all athletes. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and a strict workout regimen has allowed me to maximize my potential and achieve my goals. I also believe my food and drink consumption should improve my athleticism, not hinder it. Being aware of the foods that can help or harm my body has greatly impacted my journey of becoming a sponsored athlete. I work hard to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet that will set me up for a successful future. And I can thank NOW for providing the nutritional support I need!



Collegiate Stats

Herbert Gary high jumps3x Most Outstanding Performer
5x All-Conference in High Jump
Field Newcomer of the Year
Field MVP of the Year
7x NAIA All-American in High Jump
NAIA National Weekly Performer
4x National Track and Field Team Champion
5x WHAC Championships Conference Champion
2016 NAIA National High Jump Champion
2x NAIA National Championships Runner-up
3x NAIA National Championships 4th place
NAIA National Championships 7th place

Post Collegiate Stats

2017 indoor USATF Championship qualifier
Indoor - 2.15m (7’0.5”)
Outdoor - 2.17m (7’1.50”)

Records and Jumps

Herbert Gary 3 frame jumpIndiana Tech’s Indoor and Outdoor Record Holder
Indoor Personal Best: 7’ 1.75”
Tied for the 31st best jump in the U. S. 2012 (Including professional athletes)
Outdoor Personal Best: 7’2.25”
Tied for the 19th best collegiate jump in 2016
Tied for the 39st best jump in the U.S. 2016 (Including professional athletes)
2016 Men’s Top 10 National Performer of the week

Daily Regimen