Dana Bujalski

Fitness Competitor

Geneva, IL

Dana BujalskiHello! My name is Dana Bujalski, and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. I am an NPC Bikini Competitor and a Personal Chef. When I was a child, my mother introduced me to sports and nutrition, and thanks to her I have remained healthy and active throughout my life! In high school I joined several sports teams, but I focused primarily on Soccer. However, severe exercised-induced asthma influenced my dreams of aiming towards my goals of receiving a scholarship and continuing to play in college and beyond. I knew I could not run, and I was determined to find another avenue to remain fit and healthy. At the age 20, I began an obsession with the bikini competitors on the front pages of fitness magazines, talking about their workout regimens, their daily meals, what supplements they took and of course their amazing physiques! I knew that with hard work and dedication, it could one day be me on that front cover. This is where my journey in the fitness world began!

DanaBujalski4.jpgIn 2012, I graduated with my Associates in Culinary Arts. My passion for food and cooking has played a tremendous role in my journey to be fit and healthy. Through the course of 4 years, I have learned so much about my body and how to fuel it properly through clean ingredients and supplementation to help support my new lifestyle in and out of the gym. I knew that eating clean was essential, but something in my body still just did not feel right. I needed to find that missing “ingredient.” As I began to get more serious with training, I tested many, many sources of protein: protein bars, protein powders, protein supplements. I could not find the right one, but then I found NOW® Sports. A friend urged me to try the Toffee Caramel Fudge Isolate and I was hooked! Slowly, I started to add another new product from NOW as I was performing better, feeling great, and looking even better in a shorts time! In 2013, just 1 year after picking up on something so life-changing, I competed in my first ever NPC Bikini Competition thinking I would compete the one time. I was determined to win, so I kept going and continued my journey in the gym as well as furthering my knowledge with NOW.

After two back-to-back shows, I took a year off and lived in Los Angeles, California for a year where I pursued my career as a Personal Health and Wellness Chef. In 2015, I moved back to my hometown and quickly made another change in chasing my dreams in prepping for my next Bikini Competition! Excited knowing how much NOW has supported me over the years, I began to incorporate more of the line where I was formulating my own pre/post workout drinks, making my breakfasts with the protein and supplementing through the day! The results were crystal clear when I began utilize only NOW. I feel 110% confident stepping on stage knowing there are no illegal substances or ingredients in each and every product I am taking. With NOW Sports along with NOW vitamins, I know I am getting the right amounts of nutrients I need to perform best with no unnecessary additives and am only benefiting my body every day!

With my extensive knowledge and experience with NOW, I feel I can confidentially share and inspire many fellow competitors and individuals looking to make a positive impact on their health! Being an extremely healthy personal chef, and creating meal plans for many families and individuals, I can confidently stand by NOW, leading people into the direction of becoming a “Natural Born Athlete”. As a NOW Ambassador, I look forward to opening the door to many in creating their new possibility to a healthy lifestyle!



2013 NPC Kevin Noble Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championship

2013 Sprint Tri-athalon

2013 NPC Midwest Ironman Bodybuilding Championship

2015 NPC Kevin Noble Bodybuilding Championship 2nd Place

Favorite Recipe(s)

Vanilla Toffee Pea Protein Pancakes

PeaProteinPancakesRecipePhoto.jpgServings: 1 ( Makes 3 fluffy pancakes)


1 scoop NOW® Sports Vanilla Toffee Pea Protein
1 tsp baking powder
1 Organic whole egg
1/2 Organic banana
3 Tbs Unsweetened Organic Almond Milk
2 Tbs Organic Liquid Egg Whites


Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips (no sugar added)
Mix: 2 Tbs Vanilla Toffee Pea Protein & 1- 2 Tbs water/milk


In one bowl, combine protein powder with baking powder. In another bowl, whisk the egg, banana, milk and egg whites. Incorporate the wet into the dry using a whisk.
Heat a medium sized skillet over medium to high heat sprayed with coconut oil. Spoon out about 2 Tbs per cake and cook until you see bubbles rise to the top, then flip. Cook about 2 minutes on the other side and top with protein spread and chocolate chips!


Pre-Workout Fit & Tone Mocha Frappuccino 



1 scoop NOW® Sports Fit & Tone™ Protein Powder Mocha
4 oz black coffee
4 oz unsweetened Almond milk, plus more to your consistency
1 cup crushed ice


Blend until frothy in blender, or shake



Fit & Tone Berry Waffles

Fit-Tone-Shake.jpgServings: 1 (Makes 2 fluffy waffles)

1 scoop NOW® Sports Fit & Tone™ Protein Berry
2 Tbsp. NOW Real Food® Organic Coconut Flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 Tbsp. Ellyndale® Naturals Liquid Coconut Oil
1 egg
4 Tbsp. Unsweetened Almond Milk