AJ Pualani

Rock Climber

Boston, Massachusetts

My name is AJ Pualani, and I am an architectural lighting designer, obsessed rock climber, and enthusiast for a healthy lifestyle.

Having been born and raised in Colorado, I have always been very active and had a love for outdoors and nature. Growing up, you would usually be able to find me on the slopes snowboarding and adventuring on a hiking trail.

Upon graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2013 with a degree in engineering, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to begin my career as a lighting designer. Having more time on my hands and not knowing too many people in the city, I decided to try out rock climbing, specifically bouldering (a form of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses). It was at that point I became hooked; you could say slightly obsessed. I fell in love with the powerful movements, the required patience, balance and flexibility, the mental aspect, and the always-supportive climbing community.

I have been climbing regularly for almost two years now and continually strive to be the best climber I can be. I have participated in two bouldering competitions up to this point: The Dark Horse Bouldering Series and the MIT Summit Competition. In addition to training and competing indoors, I want to tick off more established problems outdoors. Through climbing, I can push my fitness level while simultaneously enjoy my love for nature.

I am psyched to be a NOW® Ambassador! NOW products support my passion for healthy living and the physical demands for climbing.

Learn what fuels AJ’s training routine and start one of your own.



14th (Intermediate Division) - 2016 Dark Horse Bouldering Series; Boston, MA

11th (Advanced Division) - 2017 MIT Summit Bouldering Competition; Boston, MA