Thyme to Relax Linen Spray


Thyme to Relax Restorative Yoga Practice


3 to 4 drops
2 drops
2 drops
2 ounces
distilled water
4 teaspoons
grain alcohol/vodka

This calming DIY linen spray adds a soothing scent to your yoga bolster, towel, and blanket – before or during a relaxing yoga session. You can also use it to freshen linens throughout your home.

  1. In a separate glass container, combine distilled water and alcohol together.
  2. Pour combination into clean, empty spray bottle and add in NOW® essential oils.
  3. Tightly adhere lid and then swirl the ingredients together.

To Use: Before each use, shake bottle well. Spray onto linens or towels for a relaxing and refreshing scent.

Caution: Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care. Dilute essential oils as directed, do not exceed dilutions recommended for this recipe. Pure essential oils can be irritating to skin. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Consult healthcare practitioner before using if pregnant/nursing.