Sugar Cookie Body Scrub

sugar cookie scrub hero
2 tablespoons
2 drops
2 drops
1 drop

Get in the holiday mood without the calories with this delightful body scrub that smells like a scrumptious batch of freshly baked sugar cookies! Combining the highest quality essential oils with vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, and sugar, this self-care staple is inspired by nature for daily enjoyment without any guilt.

  1. In a clean bowl, combine all the above ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  2. Store in an airtight glass jar.

To Use: Rub a small amount of scrub onto skin in a circular motion while in the shower or bath. After exfoliation is completed, rinse off and follow with a NOW® Solutions’ lotion or moisturizer of your choice.

Caution: Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care. Dilute essential oils as directed, do not exceed dilutions recommended for this recipe. Pure essential oils can be irritating to skin. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Consult healthcare practitioner before using if pregnant/nursing