What’s On The Label Is In The Bottle

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You want to know what’s on the label is in the bottle. That’s why you read product labels.

And that’s why NOW® takes our product labeling so seriously. Years ago, NOW® founder Elwood Richard and his brother, Lou, helped the Natural Products Association (NPA) to develop the Tru-Label program.

And we continue to participate in this program. Every year our products are randomly tested for compliance. Every year they’re tested to make sure what’s on the label is in the bottle.

All of our labels, from supplements to personal care items and foods, follow the same protocol:

  • The exact formula described on the label is in the bottle
  • Since 2000, we have been GMP-certified with an ‘A’ rating by the Natural Products Association
  • Our labels are submitted to the Natural Products Association’s Tru-Label program
  • There are no hidden ingredients; even non-active ingredients are listed
  • We specify if there are any potential allergens in a product due to cross contamination.
  • We also produce a line of food products that are 100% gluten-free and allergy-friendly in facilities that are not used for products containing these ingredients.
  • We specify if there are any potential allergens in a product
  • Where possible, ingredients are standardized for potency
  • Trademarked ingredients have been verified by the suppliers and designated with trademark symbols
  • Our labels are listed in the National Institutes of Health Supplement label database
  • NOW® labels are also listed in the Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library), a voluntary, industry-curated database of natural product labels

Over the years we’ve made significant, long-term investments in our laboratories and our staff to help us ensure product quality and accurate labeling. Each month we perform as many as 16,000 individual tests to verify the quality of our raw ingredients and our finished products.

A Brief Explanation Of Label Variations

Sometimes you may notice a slight difference between the information on the NOW® website and the label on the bottle. Or between the labels from two different lots of a given product.

These slight changes are made because:

  1. We are always working to improve manufacturing processes, product safety and quality. Any of these improvements might lead to minor changes in the product or the product label. For example, we may change the standardization of an ingredient to improve its quality
  2. We manufacture and distribute natural products. This means that our ingredients are naturally sourced or minimally processed (see What Natural Means to Us). Natural ingredients can vary in potency depending on a variety of factors, so we’re always testing to ensure that our labels accurately reflect the strength of the ingredients.
  3. Harvest cycles, seasons and other factors affect the supply of our natural ingredients. Sometimes, due to poor harvests for example, a certain species or form of an herb may not be as available as before. We may need to source this ingredient from a different supplier to ensure that you can continue to purchase the product you prefer. The product label will correctly define the ingredient used in that production lot (batch).

In most cases, these differences will not affect how well the product works and you can continue to take the slightly different formulation without noticing any functional differences. We make sure these changes do not affect product safety.

Bottom line, when you read one of our labels, you can rest assured that what’s on the label is in the bottle.