Vegetarian Glucosamine & MSM FAQs

April 4, 2016
Vegetarian Glucosamine & MSM FAQs

What is the Vegetarian Glucosamine & MSM made from?

Our Vegetarian Glucosamine & MSM contains GreenGrown® Glucosamine HCl which is derived from a Non-GMO corn source. GreenGrown® and the GreenGrown® logo are trademarks of Ethical Naturals, Inc.

This vegetarian source Glucosamine product has been welcomed by those who have shellfish allergies and were previously unable to use a glucosamine product. It provides an acceptable non-animal glucosamine for vegetarians/vegans. Due to the fact that GreenGrown® Glucosamine HCl is molecularly identical to the glucosamine HCl from shellfish, it may provide beneficial nutrients for a natural joint health program.

NOW has developed the Official AOAC Method for testing glucosamine and has used this method for the past five years. This method is used to reliably test all forms of glucosamine, including this vegetarian form.