Safety Data Sheets for Essential Oils

NOW® Solutions maintains a comprehensive database of safety information, including safety data sheets, on all essential oils we offer.

A safety data sheet is a compilation of safety information on any material used in commerce that may pose a safety risk to those handling it. These sheets are included with shipments of the material, and provide a quick reference for anyone handling the material.

Safety data sheets are just another way that NOW ensures the safety of our products, and this information is readily available to our customers.

7407-Citronella Oil Organic 7545-Eucalyptus Oil  7597-Rose Absolute Oil
7408-Organic Clove Bud Oil 7540-Clove Oil  7596-Vanilla Concentrate Oil Blend
7410-Eucalyptus Oil Organic 7542-Frankincense Oil 7600-Rosemary Oil
7414 - Organic Bergamont Oil 7543-Myrrh Oil Blend 7604-Cheer Up Buttercup Oil Blend Oil
7415 - Organic Lemongrass Oil 7548-Frankincense Oil Blend  7605-Clear the Air Oil Blend Oil
7420-Lemon Oil Organic 7550-Ginger Oil 7606-Mental Focus Oil Blend Oil
7430-Lavender Oil Organic 7552-Geranium Oil 7607-Peaceful Sleep Oil Blend Oil
7440-Orange Oil Organic 7553-Grapefruit Oil 7608-Peace and Harmony Oil Blend Oil
7452-Peppermint Oil Organic 7556-Hyssop Oil 7610-Sage Oil
7460-Rosemary Oil Organic 7557-Jasmine Absolute Oil 7611-Naturally Loveable Oil Blend
7463-Spike Lavender Oil 7558-Juniper Berry Oil 7612-Nature's Shield Oil Blend
7465 - Organic Spearmint Oil 7560-Lavender Oil 7620-Spearmint Oil
7470-Tea Tree Organic Oil 7565-Lemon Oil 7623-Tangerine Oil
7482 - Carrot Seed Oil 7566-Marjoram Oil 7625-Tea Tree Oil
7513-Balsam Fir Needle Oil 7567-Lime Oil 7630-Bottled Bouquet Oil Blend
7515-Anise Oil 7568-Myrrh Oil  7631-Morning Sunshine Oil Blend
7516-Basil Oil 7570-Orange Oil 7633-Smiles for Miles Oil Blend
7518-Bergamot Oil 7573-Oregano Oil 7634-Peace Love and Flowers Oil Blend
7520-Camphor Oil 7575-Patchouli Oil 7635-Thyme Oil
7525-Cedarwood Oil  7576-Neroli Oil Blend 7638-Lemon Eucalyptus-E Citriodora Oil
7526-Atlas Cedar Oil 7577-Oregano Oil Blend 7640-Wintergreen Oil
7527-Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 7580-Pennyroyal Oil 7650-Ylang Ylang Oil
7528-Chamomile Oil 7581-Nutmeg Oil 7652-Cypress Oil
7530-Cinnamon Cassia Oil 7582-Lemongrass Oil 7660-Almond Oil
7533-Cinnamon Bark (C.Verum) 7585-Peppermint Oil 7668-Sandalwood Oil Blend
7535-Citronella Oil 7590-Pine Oil 7728-Lavender Tea Tree Oil Blend
7538-Clary Sage Oil 7594-Rose Hip Oil Organic 7729-Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Blend


See also a list of NOW® Solutions Carrier Oil safety data sheets.