Refresh Your Fitness Routine

Refresh your fitness routine with these new moves from #NOWWellness influencer Kasey Brown! Kasey is a fitness, health, and food enthusiast and the creator and voice behind the POWERCAKES blog and website.

Upper body workout

One round:

  1. Kneeling Two Arm Overhead Press x12 Reps

    • Kneeling helps engage the core more during this exercise than standing.
  2. Dumbbell Pull-Through with Push-Up x10 Reps
    • While planking, pull dumbbell through on each side and do 1 push up before next rep.
  3. Bridged Tricep Extension with Dumbbell-Holding Leg Drops x10 Reps
    • Perform 10 tricep extensions in a bridge position (hips up) and then go right into 10 leg drops (hips down) while holding dumbbells overhead.
  4. Around-The-World Shoulder Presses x10 Reps
    • On the way up, press weights with your palms out, then bring the palms towards you on your way down.
  5. Rear Delt Fly x12 Reps
    • Perform rear delt fly with both arms while engaging your core.

Repeat all moves for 3 rounds total.