Q Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Q Cup™ FAQs

February 15, 2017
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From saving a little dough to feel-good ideas, here are some nifty uses for Q Cups that you might not have considered.

Q Cups are the perfect travel companion.

Instead of braving airline food or settling on a salty pretzel at the airport, pack a Q Cup or two for a tasty little snack or light lunch. Just ask your friendly flight attendant for some hot water. But you may want to pack an extra cup or two, because once the other passengers get a whiff of your Q Cup you’re going to get some attention.

Maybe you’re a college student who didn’t realize you’d signed up for 18 credits without leaving any time for lunch.

No worries, throw some Q Cups in your backpack and eat like a genius whenever hunger strikes. You’ll just need to find five minutes and some hot water.

Need a quick side?

Don’t spend 30 minutes rinsing and cooking quinoa when you can have it in just five minutes! Garlic & Mushroom Q Cups pair up with almost anything including broiled fish. If you like your meals with a bit more kick, try pairing our Southwestern BBQ Q Cups to add extra spice to your favorite dish.

So you goofed and added too much water to your Q Cup and now you’re a little down.

Cheer up! All you have to do is microwave for an additional 30 seconds or so, and that extra water will disappear faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Maybe you stayed up all night binge watching the Game of Thrones or cramming for that final exam.

Original Q Cup to the rescue - for breakfast! No kidding, just add warm almond milk, maple syrup (check out NOW Real Food® Grade A Maple Syrup, it’s supernaturally good), and your favorite combination of nuts and berries (or just use NOW Real Food® Nuts & Berries™) for a get-up-n-go breakfast that’s loaded with protein and fiber.

Fun & Games

Rinse and wash your finished Q Cups and place them as targets around the house. Then flick the lids at them to play a challenging game of disc golf.

Our biodegradable cups make great planters!

Take an empty Q Cup and fill it with potting soil and seeds. Water thoroughly and keep the clear lid on until the seeds spring to life. Once fully germinated, you can bury the whole thing in the garden (cup and all). Just tear off the bottom and plant. The cup will biodegrade!

Need to entertain the kids?

Unopened Q Cups make great drums!

Forgot your maracas and your salsa band is opening in minutes?

Just use unopened Q Cups. Bonus Tip: Throw them to your adoring fans when it’s time to drop the mic and enjoy the adulation.

Stuck in Q Cup rut?

We feel you. Try stirring in a splash of Ellyndale® Organic Brazil Nut Oil and prepare to be amazed!

Want to try a unique spin on Mediterranean falafel?

Just add a tablespoon of curry and some warm vegetable stock and you’ve got an instant rice replacement.

Portable Q Cups make sneaky-awesome gifts.

Imagine your mailman’s joy when he or she opens up your box to deliver the mail and finds a gift of tasty instant quinoa, or handing your professor a smart and convenient choice for his or her next meal. You can definitely enhance the quality of your life by gifting Q Cups to others. However, we don’t recommend using them to bribe officials.

Make the most of your leftovers.

Check out this super-quick video on how we turned Thanksgiving leftovers into a delicious and nutritious turkey bowl!