Product Freshness FAQs

April 1, 2016
Product Freshness FAQs

After I open a product, how long will it retain its labeled potency?

NOW products have an expiration date printed on the packaging. This date assures that the product will retain its labeled potency at least to the expiration date, provided that the storage recommendations are followed.

Products with the instruction "keep refrigerated" on the packaging should be kept refrigerated, especially after opening. For some products, several days without refrigeration may not affect them much, but longer periods will. For other products, refrigeration ensures that the product is kept in a low humidity environment. Refrigeration is advised to extend the shelf life of many products, especially fish oils, nutritional oils, almond oil, and probiotics.

If there is a freshness packet in the bottle, please leave it in while there is still product in the bottle. Discard the packet and lid before recycling the bottle.

What are the Ageless, desiccant, and charcoal packets in your dietary supplement bottles for?

These packets are used to absorb excess moisture, oxygen or odor within the bottle, and extend the shelf life of the product. NOW Foods is one of the very few companies that uses Ageless packets to extend shelf life and protect our products from degradation.