NOW's New Product Development Process

Andy Frampton - Research & Development Manager
NOW's New Product Development Process

From humble beginnings

The story behind NOW® Food’s newest products begins long before they reach our customers. In fact, a new product concept can originate many months or even years prior to being available for sale nationwide. The overall process from paper to actual product is deliberately lengthy to ensure that the end result follows our corporate mission statement - To provide value in products and services that empower people to live healthier lives. 

The process begins with NOW’s team of nutritional experts compiling ideas or concepts within a group committee. This group reviews information based on research and cutting-edge science to select ideal ingredients, modes of delivery, product names, suggested usage, target retail price and other components to initiate the product development work. Once the group agrees, they organize their notes and complete a formal Product Definition Form (PDF), which is then passed to NOW’s technical team.

Numerous factors to consider

Once in the hands of the technical group, the product is reviewed from many angles. These angles include safety, ingredient/vendor selection, shelf life, packaging components, package inserts, label declarations, Quality Control specifications, potential chemical and biochemical interactions, test methods, and so on. This phase of development generally takes the longest in order to resolve problems before going to production and ending up in our customers’ hands.

NOW allocates a tremendous amount of assets, in both time and money, to follow this process from beginning to end. Small-scale production runs are conducted and analyzed before finalizing the formulas and product specifications. Products consumed as foods or beverages are tested using trained sensory panelists, often requiring several tests before approval. Ingredients used in new products must be tested using either NOW’s in-house laboratory or accredited third-party labs around the country.

Meeting the needs of today’s natural health consumers.

With NOW’s organized development process and state-of-the-art resources, new products are brought to market that are safe and efficacious. NOW has a long history of introducing several well-designed products each month, helping us to remain at the forefront of the newest product trends in the constantly changing world of natural products.