NOW Pets and the NASC Quality Seal FAQs

May 13, 2019
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What is the NASC and the Quality Seal program?

Directly from the NASC: “The National Animal Supplement Council is a nonprofit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses throughout the U.S. The NASC was formed in 2001 when a complicated and erratic regulatory environment threatened the multibillion-dollar animal supplement industry. The NASC Quality Seal program was initiated as part of an ongoing effort to improve and standardize the industry. Different from the NASC logo, members must earn permission to display the Quality Seal by agreeing to adhere to NASC’s quality standards, and by submitting to an independent audit to ensure compliance with our rigorous quality system requirements. When you see the Quality Seal on a product, you can trust it comes from a reputable company that has successfully passed an independent quality audit. Look for the Quality Seal wherever you purchase animal supplements.”

What criteria has to be met to carry the NASC Quality Seal on pet products?

The manufacturer has to:

  • Have a quality control manual in place that provides written standard operating procedures (SOPs) for production process control, which helps ensure the company is providing a consistent and quality product.
  • Have an adverse event reporting/complaint system in place to monitor and evaluate products in real time.
  • Comply with stringent labeling guidelines for all products and all forms of labeling.
  • Include on product labels any specific warnings and caution statements for particular ingredients that are recommended by the Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM) and the NASC Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Submit to random product testing by an independent lab to ensure ingredients meet label claim.

Why should pet owners care about the NASC Quality Seal?

NOW® Pets is first and foremost about quality product. Our partnership with the NASC is a natural fit. We will always champion quality control and organizations that work to ensure the commitment of companies to the quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the well-being of companion animals (and humans!). The NASC makes great efforts to help elevate and standardize the animal health supplement industry, and NOW Pets is right there with them. We have to successfully pass an independent facility audit every two years to keep the Quality Seal on our products. In addition to NOW’s existing quality assurance program for our pet and human supplements, this is an investment that NOW makes to further ensure pet owners of the quality of NOW Pets products.

Which NOW® Pets products carry the NASC Quality Seal?

All NOW® Pets products do! All of our pet products proudly display the NASC Quality Seal. We recommend that you always look for animal health and nutritional supplements that display the NASC Quality Seal on the package. Products with the Quality Seal are sold by veterinarians, pet specialty stores, supermarkets, and online retailers that are dedicated to selling the highest quality pet products.