NOW® Glucosamine & Chondroitin Joint Supplement: Quality & Value

A New Report says that NOW® Glucosamine and Chondroitin Joint Supplement is Highest Quality and Best Value in the Natural Products Industry

Recently, a well-known consumer testing company published a report comparing joint supplements sold in both natural product stores and mass market stores. NOW’s Extra Strength Glucosamine and Chondroitin 240 tablets met all the quality criteria and was the top natural product with respect to cost/max daily dose – a great value for the money. Other natural products also met the quality criteria but were more expensive, or failed because they contained less chondroitin than claimed.

Looking more closely at some of the products tested, one retailer’s store brand product met all the quality criteria and was less expensive than the NOW Foods product. However, a review of the label for this product indicates that it contains a number of excipients that we don’t and won’t use at NOW Foods, including sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial vanilla flavor, and propylene glycol. NOW Foods products do not contain these ingredients. Our formulations are specifically geared to the consumer who seeks to be as natural as possible, which differentiates NOW® from the brands sold by mass market retailers that target customers primarily by price.

Further, NOW Foods uses only bovine (from cow) chondroitin in our joint formulas. The clinical studies used to support the use of chondroitin in joint products are based on bovine chondroitin. Other distinct forms of chondroitin, such as from pigs or chickens, are less expensive but their effectiveness has not been confirmed. These other unproven forms are used in many products on the market. When these less expensive forms are used, they are usually not declared on the label. Only the most sophisticated analytical testing, which NOW’s scientists helped to create and validate, can distinguish the different forms. NOW Foods’ quality and value are the highest in the natural products industry, as supported by this report.