NOW® Begins DNA Testing Probiotics

Ensures Probiotic Strain Identity

Qualified Products Will Show “Strain Verified” Logo


Bloomingdale, IL (September 19, 2016)– NOW has augmented the company’s outstanding testing capabilities with technologically advanced equipment to verify the identity and purity of NOW’s key probiotic products.

The company now utilizes the RiboPrinter® Microbial Characterization System, which uses DNA-fingerprinting technology to identify specific strains of bacteria, as well as unknown microorganisms. While the accuracy of DNA testing for herbal products is somewhat controversial in the natural products industry, its accuracy for microbial testing is well established in sterile manufacturing or food processing plants, and in hospitals, for example. Using DNA to verify probiotic strains is a newer application of the technology, and NOW is the first dietary supplement brand to have this advanced analytical capability in-house.

“Each specific strain is verified on our RiboPrinter against a database of documented strains to assure safety and efficacy,” said Rick Sharpee, Ph.D., NOW’s director of science and nutrition. “NOW’s microbial testing capabilities have always been among the best in class, but this takes us to a new level.”

The company is now able to guarantee that the strains on the label are in the bottle.  A special logo on qualified NOW products will indicate that the probiotic strains within have been verified.