More About Kosher Products

kosher products

What is Kosher?

If you’re concerned about the purity of the foods you eat, or you go out of your way to read labels, verify sources, and question ingredients, then kosher products are for you.

Kosher is another word for kashrut, or Jewish dietary law. Kashrut prohibits the consumption of certain animals, and the separation of dairy and meat is required. Foods are not allowed to co-mingle, so processing and preparation equipment and facilities must be cleaned and sanitized between products. Blood products are forbidden. Animals must be humanely killed.

You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate the fact that kosher products are pure and produced using highly sanitary methods. More and more consumers are seeking kosher foods and products, including kosher supplements.

Kosher Certified

NOW is proud to be a kosher certified manufacturer. With the safety and quality of our food supply increasingly questioned, the stringent and sanitary production requirements for kosher food products are very relevant today.

As a kosher certified manufacturer, each kosher product that we produce is reviewed and inspected by a rabbi for conformance to kosher guidelines, including all ingredients used to make these products. Every aspect of our operation has been thoroughly inspected, from the sourcing of foods and materials all the way through to the end of the production process.

Why Aren’t All NOW Products Kosher Certified?

Because of strict kosher guidelines some products we produce are automatically ineligible, such as glucosamine when it’s derived from shellfish. Plus, with our large number of SKUs we had to prioritize the products we wanted certified first. NOW is actively pursuing the certification of our supplements, and the certifying organization is currently working through a list of these products.

The NOW® Difference

Since 1968 NOW has been providing value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. We’ve always placed a premium on the quality and purity of our ingredients and products, so kosher certification is a natural fit for our line.

All NOW products, including our kosher products, are manufactured with our industry-leading commitment to quality.

For more information on NOW’s kosher certification, please visit our Kosher Certification FAQ page.