Methods Development

Methods Development

Science 101

The development of scientific methods is the basis for all modern science. Methods development is the process of discovering new and improved ways to perform scientific analyses, either through the discovery of new processes, or through modification of existing methods.

This branch of science requires advanced analytical thinking and an excellent grasp of scientific analyses, current methods, the latest instrumentation, as well as a thorough understanding of natural product biochemistry.

NOW’s methods development group is at the forefront of new method development for natural products and dietary supplements. They also focus on modifications to existing methods in order to increase efficiency and improve fill rates.

Developing methods used in labs around the world

NOW’s Methods Development Group is credited with the development of a new analytical technique for the determination of glucosamine, entitled Determination of Glucosamine in Raw Materials and Dietary Supplements Containing Glucosamine Sulfate and/or Glucosamine Hydrochloride by HPLC with FMOC-Su Derivatization. This method was adopted as an AOAC (Association of Analytical Communities) First Action Official MethodSM.

This method has become an internationally accepted standard method for the testing of glucosamine products, and is now used in analytical labs around the world.

At NOW we’re truly committed to the science and safety of natural products.