Ingredient Bioavailability

Products Bioavailability

Testing to ensure bioavailability

There are many aspects of natural product quality, but one of the most important by far is bioavailability. After all, the best quality nutritional ingredients in the world won’t help anyone if they’re not able to be effectively absorbed and utilized by your body.

To ensure the bioavailability of our products, NOW regularly conducts research studies with human volunteers to assess the bioavailability of various products by measuring ingredient levels in plasma (blood). These tests help us confirm the absorption and distribution of nutrients and natural bioactive ingredients from the dietary supplements we produce.

These bioavailability studies ensure that our products are delivering key ingredients to the body so that they can work as they’re intended to, and you get the results you’re expecting.

For more information about clinical research and the bioavailability of the ingredients in our products, please see the following articles:

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