Informed-Sport Certification

Presentation by Andy Holmes, LGC
August 16, 2018

In this 20-minute presentation, you'll learn how NOW® Sports guarantees purity with Informed-Sport Certification. Informed-Sport is an adulteration monitoring program through LGC that conducts monthly blind batch testing of registered products at the retail level and posts updated results on their website. The Informed-Sport logo indicates that these products have been tested for, and certified to be free of, banned substances through the Informed-Sport certification program.

Andy Holmes, LGC

Andy Holmes is the U.S. Business Development Manager for LGC Science’s Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice nutritional supplement testing services, with over 16 years of experience in the Sports Nutrition Industry. As Business Development Manager for the LGC team Andy serves in many capacities to ensure the highest level of safety. He also works with a variety of influencers including: sporting leagues, anti-doping agencies, professional/collegiate dietitians, medical entities, military leaders/dietitians, coaches, athletic trainers, athletes (amateur/professional), police departments and even parents.