Infographic: Why Take Mushroom Supplements?

March 30, 2021

Mushrooms are naturally teeming with phytonutrients that work together to bring about both specific beneficial effects and overall well-being. They’ve been used for thousands of years by herbalists in many different traditional health systems, including Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Herbalism. NOW offers a selection of high-quality mushrooms (Cordyceps 750mg, Immune Renew, Rei-Shi Mushrooms), so find out more about them in the infographic below!

Why Take Mushroom Supplements?

What Makes Mushrooms Marvelous?
Immune System Support*
Teeming with Phytonutrients*
Bioactive Compounds
Adaptogenic Properties*
Overall Well-Being*

Did You Know?
Thousands of years prior to the advent of modern medicine, herbalists used mushrooms, herbs, and other botanicals to promote optimal health and vigor with many of their traditional uses validated through modern scientific studies.

Nutritional Benefits of Mushrooms
B Vitamins
Pantothenic Acid

Not Eating Enough Mushrooms?
Bridge the Gap with Supplements
[3005] Cordyceps 750 mg Veg Caps: Cordyceps sinensis is a fungus that has been used by traditional Chinese herbalists for its energizing and adaptogenic properties for centuries.* Cordyceps has numerous bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides and nucleosides, which have been studied for their broad range of biological activities.*
[3055] Immune Renew™ Veg Caps: Specifically formulated to support the immune system with standardized astragalus extract and a specialized mushroom blend.* Our specialized blend of eight mushrooms has been optimized for the characteristic mushroom polysaccharides known as beta-glucans. Mushroom beta-glucans have been long respected and scientifically studied for their immune system supporting properties.*
[4733] Rei-Shi Mushrooms 270 mg Veg Caps: A blend of reishi and shiitake mushrooms that have both been used to promote health and wellness for centuries.* In more recent years, researchers have identified key bioactive polysaccharides that may contribute to the health supporting properties of these two super mushrooms.* NOW offers the highest quality mushroom, herbal, and botanical supplements. Talk to your healthcare provider or a certified nutritionist to find the best combination of supplements for you.


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