Healthy Living Tips from Jill Hanner, NOW Ambassador

March 1, 2017
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Jill Hanner is a proud #NOWAmbassador, Crossfit Coach, Competitive Olympic Lifter, blogger and healthy living advocate.

For me, eating clean has been the key to improving my health and performance.

Now that we’re into March, a time when more than half of Resolutions are abandoned, I wanted to share my top three tips to help you maintain your momentum. It takes time and patience to see results, but all it takes are simple changes to help you stay the course and reach your healthiest self.

Tip 1: Eliminate soda

I personally find soda makes me feel bloated and lethargic. Instead, try drinking water with either a splash of BetterStevia flavored liquid or Slender Sticks for added flavor and better hydration.

Tip 2: Prepare healthy snacks in advance.

If you’re anything like me, I like to feel sated throughout the day, so snacking is an important part of my food routine.  I prep homemade snacks in advance with only natural ingredients so I know I’m feeding my body well. One of my favorite snacks are energy bites because the ingredient combinations are endless, and you can make a big batch and they’ll stay good for a few weeks in the fridge. It can’t get any simpler than that. One of my favorites are NOW’s French Vanilla Coconut Energy Bites.

Tip 3: Stay active.

A New Year is the perfect opportunity to find a new activity you love. That way you’ll want to keep at it and exercising won’t feel like a chore, but an energizing break to your day.

Good luck!

healthy living tips Jill Hanner

Healthy Living Tips from Jill Hanner