Health Begins in the Gut: An Insider Look at Immune Health and Why Probiotics May be the Key

Lori Lathrop Stern, PhD., RD, LDN
April 16, 2020

The world around us is changing rapidly and protecting what matters has never been more important. As consumers seek natural alternatives to support immune health in this unprecedented time, probiotics provide a clinically-validated solution for all ages and demographics.

In this 30-minute webinar with Dr. Lori Lathrop Stern, you’ll learn about the solid scientific clinical evidence behind probiotic supplementation for immune health support. Dr. Stern will explain how this science can translate into efficacious products that rise to meet consumer demand.

Lori Lathrop Stern, PhD., RD, LDN

Lori Lathrop Stern, PhD., RD, LDN is the Science Liaison in the Nutrition & Biosciences Division of DuPont Danisco where she is part of the R&D team in Probiotics and plays a critical role in the translation of the science behind probiotics. Through her education and experience, Dr. Stern has established a strong background in human nutrition, nutrient adequacy and an understanding of the impact of essential and non-essential dietary components on health. She also has extensive experience in the science of probiotics and the microbiome and a passion to bring products and education to the market for the promotion of health, wellness and improvement in quality of life.