Guide to Cognitive Health

Guide to Cognitive Health

Every time you reason, perceive, judge or exercise awareness you’re utilizing your cognitive abilities. Intelligence, creativity, humor and the full range of emotions -- cognition covers almost everything that has to do with the process of thinking. It ranges from the biological to the analytical and everything in between, such as mathematics, linguistics, philosophy, psychology and much, much more.

Biologically speaking, cognition is performed by the brain and, to a lesser extent, the nervous system. As your body’s biological computer, the brain is charged with the monumental and life-long task of processing every thought, emotion, movement, reaction, feeling, instinct, scent, sound and sight that you’re privy to and perform. This hard-working organ rests only briefly during sleep; even then it works to regulate vital functions and recharge your major organ systems, while simultaneously building new cells and coordinating the mending of damaged tissues.

Other topics covered in this guide include:

  • Why is Cognitive Health So Important?
  • Why Am I Hearing More About Cognitive Health Recently?
  • What Can I Do To Maintain Healthy Cognitive Function Throughout Life?
  • Supplements for Cognitive Health

NOW offers a targeted selection of cognitive support formulas, brain supplements and memory supplements that are uniquely formulated and clinically tested to provide these nutrients your brain needs.

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Guide to Cognitive Health