Essential Oils - What Sets Us Apart in the Industry?

Tina Tews and Lou DeMers
March 19, 2020

In this 60-minute webinar with Tina Tews, Personal Care Brand Manager and R & D Oil Chemist, Lou DeMers, you’ll learn about aromatherapy and essential oils and what sets NOW apart in the industry.

Tina Tews and Lou DeMers

Tina Tews is a licensed esthetician in Illinois with 10 years experience, and is currently working towards her aromatherapy certification. She began her career with NOW as a part time consultant while working in the skincare and financial industries. She joined the NOW International Dept full time in 2015 to help expand the personal care line in the international market, and shortly after took on the role as Personal Care brand manager for our NOW Solutions & Essential Oils line of products.

Lou DeMers is a research and development chemist at NOW Foods. He received his BS degree in Chemistry & Mathematics; and his MS degree in Organic Chemistry. He has Over 50 years of experience in exploratory organic synthesis, fats & oils, flavor chemistry and essential oils. He has spent the last 20 years with the NOW Foods Quality Assurance and Research &Development teams. He is currently responsible for the quality of the NOW brand of essential oils and essential oil blends.