Dr. Taz Bhatia Holistic Health Q&A

colorful seeds, berries and powders in bowls

Dr. Taz answers some of the top holistic health questions she is often asked by her community, so we thought you’d like to know, too!

1. Why can't I lose weight?

There are so many reasons that it is difficult to lose weight- hormone balance, nutritional deficiencies, lack of movement and mismatched diets are what I commonly see in practice. Working with a professional in the integrative health field can help look at your routine holistically and help you create an action plan for better success.

2. Why am I so tired?

So many reasons that everyone can be tired- nutritional deficiencies, gut function, inflammation, hormone imbalances or just being overstressed and overscheduled. Fatigue can lead to poor food choices, irritability and trouble focusing, so it can become a vicious cycle if not treated effectively.

3. Why are my cycles off?

Stress, poor diet, irregular sleep and environmental toxins are some of the reasons for irregular cycles. Keep a journal for a few months so you can assess patterns in your cycle that may correlate to changes in your routine.

4. How do I get my children to focus?

Limit access to social media and electronics, insist on consistent sleep and reduce sugar as starting steps. Start by giving breakfast a healthy makeover, like a smoothie or oatmeal filled fiber and protein, topped with omega-3 fats like chia, hemp or flax seeds, and consider adding a supplement like NOW® DHA Kids Chewable Softgels to keep your child’s brain boosted*.

5. What can I do about my heart health?

A diet high in fiber and healthy fats and managing weight through good nutrition (including supplements to fill the gap) and exercise are key to keeping your heart healthy. Stress can play a significant role in overall heart health as well.



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