Clean Diet Meal Plan

Clean Diet Meal Plan

This exclusive guide created by our friends at Clean Eating magazine is your key to a week’s worth of balanced clean eating with just 20 ingredients and pantry staples.

Similar to the Mediterranean diet, this is more of a lifestyle than a diet. It is more than just the food you eat, but how you eat, being environmentally-conscious, encouraging regular movement, choosing local and seasonal foods, and mindfulness regarding hunger and fullness as well as portion sizes. There are no particular macro rules – you can pick how much protein, carbs and fat you want to eat based on what you feel works for you. It can be keto, Paleo, or high carb, as long as the carbs are not from sugar or refined and heavily processed grains.

In the Clean Diet eating guide you will find:

  • What to eat
  • What to avoid
  • Supplements to take
  • Recipes to make
  • Shopping list and pantry staples

75% of Clean Eating magazine readers say a Clean Diet is their preferred diet. Download the guide to find out why!

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